International Seminar on
Time Series Modeling of Neuroscience Data

     We are pleased to announce our international seminar on "Time Series Modeling of Neuroscience Data". This seminar celebrates the 20th Anniversary of collaboration between Cuban and Japanese scientists in the neuroscience field, which have been crowned this year by the publication of the book "Time Series Modeling of Neuroscience Data" by Prof. Tohru Ozaki, one of the two persons who initiated this madness. During twenty years of productive collaboration, many scientists have been activated and contributed to their pioneering works.
     In the hot sunny Cuban afternoon, Prof. Pedro Valdes-Sosa made a telephone call to Prof. Tohru Ozaki during the midnight in Japan, which was the beginning of the long-lasting and growing collaboration between Cuban Neuroscience Center and the Institute of Statistical Mathematics in Tokyo. The light of this link grabbed the attention of two renowned professors, Prof. Ryuta Kawashima at Tohoku University and Prof. Norihiro Sadato at the National Institute for Physiological Sciences, for creating a network of neurons working for the Neuroscience.
     Many young and talented scientists were grown up under the shadow of this protective and prolific tree. With all expectations, after Prof. Ozaki retirement in 2008, this tree continues to grow and produce the fruitful network expanding and gathering many new scientists day by day. Since 2011, we have the joy of enrolling Prof. Roberto Pascual-Marqui in our crew, who is one of the most productive figures in the Neuroscience field, still simple and humble.
     This is the "Seminar" to continue spreading knowledge and friendship among all interested to make our neural network stronger. There might be some "Causality" in the fact that everybody selected this day as the perfect one to hold the Seminar; "February 14th, St. Valentine's Day" to all.