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International Symposium on
A New Era of Forest Management for
Ecosystem Services

      Ecosystem services are becoming one of our major concerns for forest management. Examples include aesthetic service, carbon mitigation, pollination service, risk mitigation of natural damage as well as invasive or pest species, non-timber products, bio-energy service, and other biodiversity related services. Such services have been treated as non-market products within the traditional framework of forest management. The more the awareness of these services by the public, the better and newer management scheme is needed to meet the public demands for such services.
      It is our great pleasure to announce the international symposium organized by colleagues from Korea and Japan. The main purpose of the symposium is to explore and seek our possible contribution on forest management for ecosystem services as well as to exchange interests and ideas to tackle the issues of ecosystem services. The topics in the symposium include forest ecosystem inventory analysis, forest ecosystem modeling, as well as mathematical programming analysis, statistical analysis on forest management in conjunction with ecosystem services. Other related topics are also considered. We are hoping to have all participants interested in the symposium, and look forward to meet together in Seoul, Korea.