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Mathematical Modeling for Issues on Ecosystem Services
- Theory & Applications -


                              1. Robust optimization: theory
                                       Satoshi Ito, ISM, Japan

                              2. Robust optimization: application
                                       Annie Raymond, ZIB in Berlin, Germany

                              3. OR application to forest bioenergy
                                       Nicklas Forsell, IIASA, Austria

                              4. Informatics & its application to forest resource management
                                       Mauricio Ruiz-Tagle, Universidad Austral, Chile

                              5. IP application on land use management
                                       Atsushi Yoshimoto, ISM

                              6. Simulation approach to land use management
                                       Masashi Konoshima, Univ. of Ryukyus

                              7. Toward 3D technology for forest biometrics
                                       Peter Surovy, ISM, Japan

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