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List of softwares developed by our researchers

FastrakDigitizer v1.0

Software for processing point and segment data from Fastrak (R) motion tracker . The software allows creation of MESH from point data using different heuristic methods or MIP programming approach if connected to solver.


Software for optimizing tourist routes. The formulation for optimal tourist route is based on publication (Yoshimoto et al, 2012). User can select a starting point and find a route maximizing the aesthetic pleasure. The software must be linked to the MIP solver.

Ref: Yoshimoto A, Surový P, Konoshima M, Surová D (2012) Optimal Touristic Management Considering Forest Visual Impression, International Symposium on A New Era of Forest Management for Ecosystem Services

Visualizing optimal solutions via web application

Web interface for quick conversion of mathematical solutions to maps. (Access on demand)

成長モデル:穂の国『創造』 1.00.12(稲田充男:豊橋創造大)

SDMD growth simulator (Japanese & English)


SDMD growth simulator (English only)