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吉本 敦・近藤洋史・広嶋卓也 編集

Vol.5: 1-10
中島 徹・松本光朗・白石則彦
(著者未承諾のためHP掲載不可:no permission from authors)

The Leading Parameters of Hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa Endl.) for the Local Yield Table Construction System
Nakajima, T., Matsumoto, M. & Shiraishi, N.

Vol.5: 11-24
SDによる森林施業モデルの構築と適用 −林分密度管理図,林分群,施業 −
松本美香・泉 英二・藤原三夫
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The Modeling and Application for Forest Resource Prediction by Using System Dynamics
- The Stand Density Control Diagram, Stand-aggregate, and Forest Management -

Matsumoto M., Izumi, E. & Fujiwara, M.

Vol.5: 25-42
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Forest Resources Management for the Maintenance of Timber-frame Cultural Buildings
Yamamoto, Hirokazu

Vol.5: 43-62
何のために管理するのか − 共感の範囲と形 −
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Managing Results in the End - Illustrated Range of Sympathy -
Tokimitsu, Hiroshi

Vol.5: 63-84
栁原宏和・吉本 敦・二宮嘉行
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Predicting Carbon Sequestered in an Even-Aged Sugi Forest Stand through Growth Pattern Classification
Yanagihara, H., Yoshimoto, A. & Ninomiya, Y.

Vol.5: 85-104
Mean-Reverting 過程による林分経営最適確率制御モデルの比較分析
吉本 敦
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A Comparative Analysis of A Stochastic Control Model based on Mean-Reverting Process for Forest Stand Management
Yoshimoto, Atsushi

Vol.5: 105-126
大学生を対象とした木材消費思考アンケート調査 − 4 大学の比較 −
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Results of Questionnaire from University Students about the Consumer's Taste for Domestic Timber - Comparison between Four Universities -
Tanaka, Mariko

Vol.5: 127-142
行武 潔・福島一登・藤掛一郎
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Econometric Analysis of North American Timber Imports Influence to Demand/Supply Model of Timber in Japan
Yukutake, K., Fukushima, K. & Fujikake, I.

Vol.5: 143-154
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Selecting Criteria and Indicators, and Applicability of Multi-purpose Monitoring System
Matsumura, Naoto

Vol.5: 155-166
置戸照査法試験林の50年 − 成果とその活用について −
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Half-century Check Method Experiment in Oketo Experimental Forest - Result and Application -
Aoyagi, Masahide

Vol.5: 167-176
高橋正通・垰田 宏・稲垣昌宏・石塚和裕
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Monitoring of Tree Crown Condition for Detecting Decline and Damage of Japanese Forests in the 1990s
Takahashi, M., Taoda, H., Inagaki, M. & Ishizuka, K.

Vol.5: 177-186
広嶋卓也・鄭 躍軍・松本光朗
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Estimation of Carbon Uptake in the Forests and Houses Sectors on a National Scale
Hiroshima, T., Zheng, Y. & Matsumoto, M.

Vol.5: 187-196
樹冠衰退度による森林の健全性評価の試み − 奥定山渓での研究事例 −
山口岳広・丸山 温・高橋正義
(著者未承諾のためHP掲載不可:no permission from authors)

An Attempt of Evaluation on Forest Health from Assessment of Canopy Decline - Study case in Oku-Jozankei National forest in Hokkaido, northern Japan -
Yamaguchi, T., Maruyama, Y. & Takahashi, M.

Vol.5: 197-207
山本 伸幸
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Reconsidering Forest Resource Accounting
Yamamoto, Nobuyuki

Vol.5: 209-219
Identification of Potential Protection Area Using GIS and Remote Sensing - A Case Study in The Upper Stream of Ciliwung Watershed of West Java, Indonesia -
Syartinilia, Arifin, H. S., Prasetyo, L. B. & Tsuyuki, S.
(著者未承諾のためHP掲載不可:no permission from authors)

GISとリモートセンシングを利用した潜在的保護地域の特定 - インドネシア、西ジャワ、チリウン川上流域におけるケーススタディ -

Vol.5: 220-221
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